Speech Acts

2021 - Mexico City

Mexico City

Scenography design for the Exhibition 'Speech Acts', a performance based on fragments of artists projects, conversations, writings, and interviews commissioned over the past thirty years through INSITE, an organization founded in 1992 in the Tijuana/San Diego border region dedicated to art practices in the public sphere. The script, by Andrea Torreblanca, was performed at the JUMEX museum by dance group ‘Amplio Espectro’ on a stage inspired by urban playgrounds.

Design: PRODUCTORA (Wonne Ickx, Victor Jaime, Carlos Bedoya, Abel Perles) | Collaborators: Ana Reed, Erik Castañeda | Curator: Andrea Torreblanca | Script: Andrea Torreblanca | Performance: Amplio Espectro (Choreography: Arturo Lugo / Performers: Joshua Sánchez, Arturo Lugo, Irasema Sánchez, Carla Segovia, Diego Vega) | Exhibition title: INSITE - SPEECH ACTS | Venue: JUMEX Museum, Mexico City | Dates: July 15 - August 2021 | Photo: Ramiro Cháves, Armando H. Sorzano