Housing L22 Competition

2016 - Querétaro, Mexico

Querétaro, Mexico

The Housing L22 project in Querétaro arises from a clear and forceful proposal with the intention of creating open spaces to the views, efficient orientation, and variable typologies of high-quality departments.

The location of each tower defines in a natural way the residential area, the amenities among the parks, and comfortable parking. Through two structures superimposed and a constructively very efficient modulation, each building has a double topping, with the unique capacity of having departments and terraces in both towers.

Architectural  Design: PRODUCTORA (Carlos Bedoya, Víctor Jaime, Wonne Ickx, Abel Perles) | Colaboradores: Juan Benavides, Natalia Echeverri, Juan Luis Rivera, Diego Velázquez, Jesús Minor | Ubicación: Querétaro, México | Tipo: Multifamiliar | Área Construida: 203,890 sqft | Fecha: Enero 2016 | Concurso por invitación