Text by Ai Wei Wei

Published in ‘10x10/3 - 100 Architects / 10 Critics’, Phaidon, London, 2009

PRODUCTORA was founded in Mexico Df in 2006 by partners Abel Perles, Carlos Bedoya, Victor Jaime and Wonne Ickx. Employing methodologies that generate daring forms, the office is completing international projects that range from single family residences to corporate headquarters. If design is the elimination of options, then PRODUCTORA excels in choosing the right options to eliminate, leaving them with bold forms based on solid ideas.
The Villa in Ordos, designed for the Ordos 100 project in Nei Mongol, China, demonstrates the strength of PRODUCTORA’s high aesthetics and classical proportions. Beginning with a single10,000-square-foot (1,000-square ñmeter) cube, they subsequently sliced the cube diagonally, creating a negative-positive relationship while simultaneously subdividing the buildings functions. Depending on one’s vantage point, the villa can be perceived as a solid brick mass, a series of barlike volumes or a sequence of glazed surfaces.
Another beautiful volume that plays with solid and void is the Call centre Churubusco. This project exemplifies PRODUCTORA’s ability to design compelling buildings despite a tight budget and utilitarian program. Responding with simple construction methods and materials, they use profiled metal sheets and modular steel framing to create a seductive, syncopated facade.
PRODUCTORA’s work shows high aesthetic ambition. There is an underlying attention to geometry and to the classical rules of mathematical proportion in their hard-edged designs. Integrated with their boldness and rationality is a sensitivity to form and use, which completes the architecture. Strongly defining their ideas without compromising their forms, PRODUCTORA makes architecture with the vivid severity of the pyramids.

Projects included in publication:

Villa in Ordos

Call Center Churubusco

CAF Corporate Headquarters