The American Architecture Prize 2017
We are very pleased to announce that the “Teopanzolco Cultural Center” by Isaac Broid and PRODUCTORA is one of the winners of The American Architecture Prize 2017!... (+)
Two Towers - Chicago Architectural Biennial 2017
PRODUCTORA presents two models at the Chicago Biennial. The first one (at the Chicago Cultural Center) is a 5 meter high tower fully hand-colored – as if it were a sketch – with blue and ... (+)
Exhibition design for “The Words of Others” at REDCAT, Los Angeles
The exhibition “The Words of Others, León Ferrari and Rhetoric in Times of War” opens at the REDCAT Gallery in Los Angeles. The exhibition, curated by Ruth Estevez, Miguel López and Agu... (+)
Washington Street Interventions at Columbus, Indiana
Last Saturday August 26, the inaugural Columbus Exhibit opened in the small mid-western town of Columbus, Indiana. Columbus boasts a staggering number of architectural masterpieces: in a town of just ... (+)